• We create Professional Products to Real Tattoo Artists

    Black Trident Tattoo Needles begin with surgical grade stainless steel, rolled, formed and machined to exact medical standards; with tapered, precision sharpened needles bond with a rigid, smooth solder joint; quality inspected, sterilized and packaged in ethylene oxide gas.

    A tattoo needle must be flawless to minimize trauma to the skin. As an artist, you need your tools to be dependable and consistant. That is what artist expects and that is exactly what a Black Trident Needles delivers. All Black Tridentneedles are guaranteed with a thorough inspection. Each box contains 50 pre-packaged, individual blister packs.

  • We believe in the ART of tattoo.

    Tattoo is a art, NOT IS FASHION, NOT TREND, belong a culture for many years ago, and we must to respect that with any cost.

High Quality Products

* BT Needles are manufactured with the highest quality control in the industry.

* Big range of configurations 75 needle configurations meets all artworks requirement.

* The needles made and assembled in the most hygienic condition.

* 100% sterilized by E.O. Gas.

* Sold by BOX OF 50PCS.

A Great Array of Needles

* Round Liner - Bugpin

* Round Liner - Extra Tight

* Round Liner - Regular Tight

* Round Liner - Medium Tight

* Round Liner - Textured

* Straight Round Liner - Turbo

* Round Shader - Medium Taper

* Magnum - Bugpin

* Magnum - Long Taper

* Magnum - Medium Taper

* Magnum - Textured

* Curved Magnum - Bugpin

* Curved Magnum - Long Taper

* Curved Magnum - Medium Taper

* Curved Magnum - Textured


Coventional Needles

Cartridge Needles

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